Introducing myself – who am I, what I do, and where I am.

Louise Leslie is a political blogger who writes about a wide range of world and localized issues. As a History and Politics student she spends her time taking what we can learn from the past and apply it to the present.

Despite her youth, her activism does not fall short. Louise has been a member of the Labour party since 15 and has grown into the mold of local campaigns and national affairs. Working in solidarity with the LabourLeave campaign, local councilors and elected MP’s. Her role within UK politics has enabled her to gain the role of the South East Chair of CENTRETHINKTANK.

Louise has always believed the mind is often capped by the fear of speaking out. Growing up in an area where opinion isn’t often expressed, Louise founded her school Debate Club which gave a platform to usually shy younger students. within the two years of her running it she managed to watch quiet children turn into young people who could hold an opinion and could back it up with evidence. Seeing the confidence of younger peers, hardened her view about the UK education system and enabled her to push an agenda of class divide within schools.

Her aspiration after university is to go into war correspondence. Growing up she often aspired to do the work of reporters like Kate Adie and document the ongoing issues like Syrian civil war, Kashmir, Yemen, and tensions between the Middle East and the western world. However not being in the line of action now has restricted her views.

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