The complacency of the Government towards Cummings proves that there is a distinct divide between ordinary people and the ruling elite.

Yesterday, after being 31 minutes late, Mr Dominic Cummings addressed the prominent claim that he had broken lockdown rules to travel the county to stay in Durham after his wife contracted symptoms of Covid-19. From the events leading up to this shambolic conference, it is evident that with uncertainty in the air, the clear defending of Mr Cummings by frontbenchers and the Prime minister proves that the government are not the party for the people but are a Boys Club.

On the 24th of May, the Prime Minister defended the actions of Dominic Cummings. claiming he had ‘No alternative.’, and acted like any other father would. But the privilege that Mr Cummings with his events prove that the lockdown rules were only actually enforced towards those who were left with no choice to protect the NHS and save lives. The actions of Dominic Cummings and the majority of the conservative front benchers backing his actions prove that they have no obligation to aid the NHS in this crisis or in this case ever.

The window of No.10 has rainbows in support of the much stained NHS. Could Cummings’ actions cause people to revolt lockdown laws and put our health service at risk again?

“In every respect, he has acted responsibly, legally and with integrity,”

Boris Johnson on his senior advisor’s actions.

If responsibility means a country long drive to Durham while a family member is displaying symptoms, why have the majority of the country couped themselves up, avoided destitute families and have even risked their health by avoiding Accident and Emergency centres?

Further proving how out of touch Mr Cummings and the majority of his supporters are, Junior minister Douglas Ross has recently resigned due to outrage towards the Government. From this singular action, it is clear to see that the ruling elite is only looking out for themselves rather than uniting the country and pulling us through this virus together. The excuse given by Mr Cummings isn’t enough. His inability to acknowledge that the public feel cheated by its Government, it distinctly shows how the Government are the people; they feel they are above.

Mr Cummings statement was rather fragile, and it was full of its faults. His excuse was rambled, and it made more people disagree with his actions as there was a 25% increase in the disapproval rating after the press conference ended. In my household, two generations sat down in front of the TV, My Gran and I. Watching his disregard then adding up the sacrifices our family have made to keep my Gran safe, it stuck to me that there was no remorse for the people, the Government don’t care for people like my Gran, nor do they care for those struggling in poverty.

If everyone did similar actions to Cummings at the height of this virus, the death rates would be higher, and the Government would be hounding the public for not obeying the rules. One of the rift announcements Mr Johnson made when issuing lockdown was ‘not to find loopholes’, and that is precisely what the elite have done. It is not necessarily about the distance he travelled; it is the lies he has told, claiming it was a necessity.

Mr Cummings claimed that he travelled to his family home due to childcare issues. But having a wife with Covid-19 symptoms, it has been strictly told by the Government he advises that you must self isolate for 14 days if someone in your family is showing symptoms. Regardless of class, race, religion and domain, this was the rule and fines would be given out if you didn’t obey. Even if his wife didn’t have symptoms, the clear message was STAY AT HOME. Everyone had to change their life drastically, so why can the establishment?

‘I don’t regret what I did.

In an instance, let’s say Mr Cummings and his wife did desperately need childcare, why were they travelling to the residence of two at-risk seniors. Another clear breaking of the rules he helped create. He has no leg to stand on claiming that they were the only people willing to look after his offspring n as he did have family drastically closer to him. Near his London residence, he had siblings and in-laws. All who were fit and healthy and weren’t at the age of risk.

The river by Barnard Castle, where the Cummings family stayed for a moment after Dominic needed to test his eyes.

Another problem the general public find hardship in understanding was the trip to Barnard Castle, which was around a 30-minute drive from where the family was staying. Cummings claimed he did this all-round 60-minute drive to test his eyesight after contracting symptoms. However, under the precaution of the DVSA driving with issues such as a headache or strained eyesight is an offence. Moreso if it was as simple and innocent as testing his eyesight, why would he endanger his child by having them in the car? By driving on his own, he would have eliminated the problem of him being seen around Barnard Castle by the public and he wouldn’t of further broken lockdown laws by stopping by a river. A week before Mr Cummings stopped at this riverbank, people walking by Brighton beach were fined for sitting on benches to rest their legs. This just proves that this lockdown is a rule that can only be broken if you are of the ruling elite.

To make some feel sympathy for him, all he had to do was apologise and show remorse. His response was a kick in the teeth for many individuals that are a lot worse off than him and have sacrificed everything ordinary about life. There are thousands of people in London who live in high rise tower flats that have given up outside leisure to help relieve the strain on the NHS. Many operations have been cancelled, and families are separated from each other and people are having to say a final goodbye to their dead parents without attending their funeral. The Government need to apologise on behalf of those people.

This is simply not a hounding by the press and his enemies, he is being held accountable and cannot accept it. The Government do not understand the anger the public have.

With what is happening, everyone needs to follow the rules to the best of their ability. Dominic Cummings did not follow, regardless of what people are saying. Having frontbenchers who have also caught this fatal virus is a direct shoot in the foot for the public, the healthcare service and those who have died but have strictly followed the lockdown regulations. If you are going to architect a Universal rule book, you have to be the role model to not only install order but withstand hypocrisy and be a role model. This cover-up shows that the establishment is more than willing to trip up onto itself and cover its own backside than equalise the rules for all. In conclusion, it’s now hard to say the Government has the interest of the people at its heart.

The Conservatives attacked Stephen Kinnock for delivering a Cake for his father’s birthday, and they also attacked Jeremy Corbyn for not self-isolating, so why is it when the shoe is on the other foot the Government are willing to protect their own?

Stephen Kinnock MP visiting his father Neil. In this incident the police commented saying this was unacceptable.
Former Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn is 71 and should be self isolating at home. Turning up to Prime Ministers questions left the Conservatives and many others in outrage.

The inability for action against someone who has tried to wriggle out of the rules through loopholes proves that. If we are going to rain down on the expected population, we must insist on the establishment to do the same to its people. Now is not the time for protecting your friends in parliament. By doing so, Boris Johnson will lose the silent voter, and he will turn many people against him. The issue with Dominic Cummings is not going away soon, the more time the Conservative government waste on trying to keep Cummings, the more the population will find loopholes themselves. If an elitist advisor cannot accept that the rules need to be strictly obeyed, he will set an example for the public to follow. An example the establishment will hound the public for following.

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